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Discover Saint Kitts and Nevis

Discover the Richness of Entrepreneurial Ventures: Let's Explore What Services our Entrepreneurs Have in Store for You!

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The Consumer Gap

Discover the magic of shopping locally! We're bringing businesses and their unique products + services together, for the first time - all in one place.

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This spot can be yours!.

869online is...

A one-stop shop for makers & providers

Setting up shop is a breeze:

  • No pesky sign-up fees
  • No limit on uploads

Fair and square:

  • A small sales commission
  • Free product & service listings

A home for sustainable finds

Only the unique:

  • One-of-a kind creations
  • Upcycled for the environment

Up close with the owners

  • Support small businesses
  • Get alerted to fresh drops

Why Choose Us

Expand Your Customer Reach

869online increases your online presence by showcasing your products & services.

Simplified Online Selling

Our platform streamlines online payments and effectively manage orders.

Collaborative Opportunities

Discover Fellow Merchants who are apart of your supply chain + build connections.

Built-In Marketing and Promotions

869online offers the ability to be a featured seller, promote events products and services + more.

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